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You've got great photos that help explain the science of the Earth. Why not share them? It's fun, it's free and it's easy - you get the credit and thousands of viewers each day will get to see the world from a perspective you find interesting. Fieldwork, lab experiments, visualizations, unusual phenomena, air, water, land, life, ice, people - anything that tells a story about the Earth and our relationship to it. The pictures must be your own to submit (or already be in the public domain). A short caption and suggested links are helpful, but not required as long as you include what, where and when in your submission.Thanks for your readership and support in making EPOD the best it can be!

If you did not create the image, please credit the original source. Obtain permission before submitting copyrighted images. Submission does not guarantee publication. You will be emailed regarding the status of your submission.

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